About Us

The Questions Inc is a fashion brand created and designed by singer-songwriter and businessman Michelangelo Falcon in 2009. Our legendary logo has been noticed worldwide and is known for making a statement in fashion, from streetwear hip-hop culture to high fashion luxury and tour merchandise. Started in Los Angeles, California, we pride ourselves on delivering unique and sophisticated garments that blend contemporary designs with timeless classics.

Our brand has been featured in many stores and we have created and curated merchandise collaborations for some of your favorite artists and celebrities. Our flagship store is located inside Equvalence sneaker store in Encino, CA, where we offer our customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Our statement logo has become a symbol of style and quality, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality garments that elevate your style.

Thank you for choosing The Questions Inc as your go-to fashion brand. Don't worry we'll ask.